Robert talks about the new single – ”Det Är Mörkt Nu”

Svensk version

After two EP’s released in his own name 2016 and 2019, Robert Andersson now decides to release a single in August 2020, Det Är Mörkt Nu. The song can be described as a heavier rock tune with a scent of blues, with all the usual trade marks from Robert, e g well composed and performed solos, but now also with condensed and poetic lyrics.

How did the song origin?

It all started with the main riff and the first line of lyrics, they had been spinning inside me since before the last record. After that, the music and lyrics have developed independent from each other and got together now again at the end.

As usual, lost of guitars!

Yes, for me the main reason for composing is to play guitar! This song allows me to show off with all the spunds I love and the techniques I have mastered and personalized over the years.

I really like when the music in general and especially the riffs and solos are built on genuine musical ideas. The intro riff, that then returns in the verses, came in early in the process and has been floating around here and there in the song before landing where it is now. In the first solo, I wanted a flow over the entire guitar neck, a technique I really like and have been using a lot during the Blue Rain years. Starting from the lower notes, the solo travels up to the bluesy higher notes at the end.

Your first solo got caught on camera!

Yes, by coincidence, my final recording of the first solo was filmed. It might be interesting for someone to see me playing hanging over the mixer board, and that it is a single recording without any second takes or add-ons.

Robert records the first solo in Det Är Mörkt Nu

The technique in the final solo sounds familiar…

Yes, it is a reference to my solo on Love Must Come First from the very first Blue Rain album released in 1998. Back then, I had made several attempts in the studio to make something speial without being satisfied with any of them. We took a break in the recordings for a week and during that time, I came up with the idea to duel with myself on two separate tracks. It was fun to being able to reuse that technique again!

Tell us about the lyrics, it feels more thoughtful than usual?

As mentioned, it all started with the first line. It originated from a feeling of darkness that came to me after spending some time on social medias. Especially on Twitter, there are lots of extremists that spread hate and negative thoughts about practically everything. The thought came to me to write poetic lyrics about internet hate. During the process, I experienced matters of mental health issues close to me and realized that the words could also refer to the darkness that we all can feel in our souls. I guess it is up to the listeners to take the perspective they prefer.