Robert talks about Blueish

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We might know him as long time solo guitarist in Blue Rain, and for sure there is a scent of Blue Rain in his solo debut. Especially the opening track, a melodic good old style guitar rock track.  But the record also offers new dimensions. Quite as expected, the guitars and solo parts are in focus, and it is clear that Robert continued to develop his playing in the direction of the blues. Most surprising is the vocals, both high and mostly on key.

Why did you decide to make an EP now?

I have played in a band for more than twenty years, playing and developing other people’s songs. It has been inspiring and lots of fun. Throughout the years, I have gathered a lot of musical ideas, and now it felt right to pick some of them up and turn them into songs.

I feel that I have developed my guitar playing quite a lot the recent years. It might sound silly, but I wanted to see if my expressive and improvised playing style could be captured in a fair way in the studio. I’m very pleased with the result!

What is most important for you in the studio?

Passion! I don’t play safe, instead I play long sequences to get into the right feeling. If I play a wrong note here and there is insignificant.

How do you define your style as guitarist?

I have an obvious foundation in the blues genre and love to seek that sweet blue note. A typical solo starts close to the melody and then wanders off to explore new paths in different directions. Usually I have a basic musical idea which I build on with improvisation, that’s why it never really sounds the same.

How has it been to work with your own songs?

Exciting! It has been fantastic to have the freedom to shape music, lyrics and production totally from my own head. I started off with one ready-made song and finished composing and writing the rest during the sessions.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Vocals! I have been doing backup singing for many years but never been the lead singer. It was first when I started making Youtube videos where I play and sing blues classics, maybe two years ago, that I came to try it out properly. A special challenge for me has been the key, which I normally choose from what suits the guitar best….

You have chosen to do everything yourself, play all instruments, mixing and mastering, how come?

It has been convenient not having to deal with other people’s agendas, I just slip into the studio whenever I feel for it. I also kept full control over all my musical ideas.

The titel ”Blueish”, what does it mean?

It sounds bluesy without being blues music, blue notes and the pentatonic scale can be used in many different ways. ”It’s kind of blueish!”